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Crystal Healing (treatment up to 1 hour)
Crystal healing £30
Chakra balancing £25
Other Crystal Therapies (treatment up to 2 hours)
Regression therapy with crystals £35
Meridian therapy £35
Resonance therapy £35
Past Life Regression (treatment up to 1 1/2 hours)
Treatment £35
Reflexology (treatment up to 45 minutes)
Single treatment £25
Block of treatments (over 4 weeks) £90
Reiki (treatment up to 1 hour)  
Reiki and animal Reiki healing £25

A consultation is included in all the above prices.

Patient confidentiality is observed at all times.
All treatments are by appointment only.

Please note there is a cancellation fee of £10 if you do not let me know
24 hours before a treatment.