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Introduction to Crystals

This is a course that will give you a basic understanding of how crystals can benefit you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. At the same time discover how you are supposed to work with them on your spiritual pathway. Perhaps using them with your own therapies or for personal development.

Briefly, the course covers:

* History of crystals
* How to choose and cleanse crystals
* Human energy field and chakras
* Energy field sensing
* Pendulum dowsing
* Importance of grounding
* Programming crystals
* Properties of crystals relating to chakras
* Quartz and calcite family
* Master crystals and their properties

Further Applications of Crystals

This is an advanced course that will give you a deeper understanding of crystals - their meaning and uses for healing humans as well as animals. At the same time you will discover how to use them in grids, as a wand and combining them with other complementary therapies.

Briefly, the course covers:

* Myths and magic of crystals
* Properties of gemstones and their shapes
* Ley lines and energy lines
* Crystal wands - their use in a healing session
* Crystal grids
* Healing and sounds
* Subtle aromatherapy - use of oils in the energy field
* Crystals and flower associations
* Gem elixirs
* Healing animals and pets

One-day Workshop

Working with Crystals

This is a workshop that has been put together to give you a basic understanding of how crystals are used in healing and therapy. You will learn how to program and cleanse crystals, sense your energy field and program a pendulum. These are some of the practical exercises and techniques you will get involved in during the day.

Briefly, the workshop covers:

* History of crystals
* Earth and its structure
* How to choose and cleanse crystals
* How to use and program a pendulum
* Energy field sensing
* Importance of grounding
* Brain hemisphere and meridian balancing
* Chakra stones and their properties
* Male and female quartz in the energy field
* Crystal energy balance demonstration

Half-day Workshops

Crystals for Children

This workshop for children will introduce them into where crystals come from. As well as this there will be lots of interesting exercises to help them to understand more about crystals. These will include colour and vibration, how they react to sound and dowsing with a pendulum.

Briefly, the workshop covers:

* How crystals are formed
* How to recognise colours and crystal groups
* How to cleanse and care for crystals
* Colour and the energy centres
* How crystals react to sound
* How to program a pendulum and choose a crystal using a pendulum

Crystals Practical Workshop

This is a practical-based workshop that would be suitable if you have some knowledge of crystals and would like to use them with your therapies. It would give you more of an understanding of how crystals work on the body, chakras and human energy field. Also there will be practical exercises to do.

Briefly, the workshop covers:

* Human energy field
* Energy sensing
* How to choose crystals
* Hands and crystal dowsing, colour and the energy centres
* Crystals and the chakras
* Chakra and meridian balancing

Working with Energy and Crystal Grids

This is a practical-based workshop that gives you an understanding of working with energy and the energies of crystals when used in grids. As well as working with crystals to help balance the chakras and meridians. Also there will be practical exercises to do.

Briefly, the workshop covers:

* Mudras
* Energy field sensing
* Chi kung (standing meditation)
* Crystal balancing
* Meridian balancing with quartz
* Brain hemisphere balancing with quartz
* Crystal grids using crystals and gemstones

Reiki Courses

All the courses will include theory and practical sessions and various meditations throughout the day.

The fee for each course will include a comprehensive manual, certification in Usui Reiki and free advice by phone and email after the course.

Courses are at weekends - Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

First Degree (Shoden)

During this course you will be attuned to the energies of Reiki so you can use it for self-healing and pass it on to others simply through the laying-on of hands. You will learn the hand positions, the structure of a healing session, techniques for seeing and sensing the aura, chakra balancing, healing animal and plants and much more.

You will learn about:

* History of Reiki and what it is
* Reiki lineage
* How Reiki can help
* The Reiki Principles
* Treatment of animals and plants
* Grounding your energies
* The chakra system
* Sensing the subtle bodies
* Seeing the aura
* Reiki hand positions

Second Degree (Chuden)

During this course you will be attuned to the energies of Reiki 2, which help to increase your own personal energy. You will be able to use it for healing emotional and mental problems and for distance healing.

You will learn about:

* The Healing Crisis
* Symbols used in Reiki 2
* How to draw and use the Reiki symbols
* The Buddha meditation (Gassho)
* Using the symbols with hand positions
* Scanning and beaming
* The Buddha meditation (Hatsurei-ho)
* Distant healing and techniques
* Using Reiki with other therapies
* Empowering healing events (past and future)
* The Kanji hand positions
* Dowsing with a pendulum in a healing session
* Setting up a Reiki practice
* Ethics of Reiki

Third Degree (Okuden)

During this course you will be attuned to the energies of the Reiki 3 two Master symbols, which help to significantly increase your own personal energy. Having this will help you to clear physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks for the client to bring harmony and balance, which help to increase your own personal energy. You will be able to use it for healing emotional and mental problems and for distance healing.

You will learn about:

* Letting go of Ego
* The two Master symbols
* Antahkarana - ancient healing symbol
* Crystal grids
* Reiju empowerment
* Reiki 3 attunement
* Jyoshin Koki-ho - cleansing breath
* Psychic surgery using Johre
* Hui Yin position (Chi Kung or Qigong)
* Power of intention and intuition

Master-Teacher (Shinpiden)

Having this course you will not only learn how to give attunements at different levels of Reiki but also how to structure a course for yourself and much more.

You will learn about:

* The Reiki Moving meditation
* Roles and responsibilities
* The Tibetan and Usui symbols and their use
* Other Reiki symbols and their use
* The Reiki Master-Teacher attunement
* Understanding the attunement process
* How to attune at each level
* Healing attunements
* Practicalities of teaching
* Developing your own manual

Having this level of training you will gain a much stronger flow of energy, learn more techniques and be empowered to enhance your personal development.

Reiki Course Dates 2017

Reiki 1 (Shoden)

5th February
9th April
11th June
13th August
9th October
Reiki 2 (Chuden)
19th February
21st May
13th August
19th November
Reiki 3 (Okuden and Shinpiden)
25th to 26th February
26th to 27th August

Two-day weekend courses

Introduction to Crystals
19th and 26th March
7th and 14th May
3rd and 10th September
5th and 12th November
Spiritual Development ~ Finding Your Spiritual Pathway
9th and 16th April
11th and 18th June
15th and 22rd October
Spiritual Healing Development
9th and 16th July
1st and 8th October

You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50 at least 7 days before each course starts, then the remainder of the fee must be paid on the day of the course.

Each of the course modules will include a meditation at beginning or end of each session and handouts will be given. You can bring a notepad and pen for additional notes.

Each student will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance for the Spiritual development and Healing development courses at the end of the ten-week and two-day courses.

Each student will be awarded a Certificate of Competence for both the Introduction and Advanced Crystal courses, this will allow them to use crystals with their own therapies.

Course and workshop times

10-week evening course - 19:30 to 21:30
Two-day weekend course - 10:30 to 17:30 (30 minutes lunch).

One-day - 10:30 to 16:30 (30 minute lunch)
Half-day - 10:30 to 13:30 (15 minute lunch)


Courses and Workshop Costs

10 Week and Two Day Weekend Courses

Introduction to Crystals (10 weeks) £150.00
Advanced Crystals (10 weeks) £150.00
Spiritual Development  
Spiritual Development £150.00
Spiritual Healing Development £150.00
One-day workshop
Working with crystals £50.00
Half-day workshops
Crystals for children* £30.00
*Children will recieve a chakra stone set (including a clear quartz, rose quartz and hematite) and crystal colour chart so they can identify the crystals and stones.
Crystals Practical Workshop £30.00
Working with energy and crystal grids £30.00


First Degree (Shoden) £75.00
Second Degree (Chuden) £100.00
Third Degree (Master) (Okuden) £125.00
Master–Teacher (Shinpiden) £150.00

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