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Brenda Harwood

Past Life Therapy and Reiki
Reiki Master–Teacher
Member of the Past Life Therapists Association

Brenda completed her two years training before she achieved her Past Life Therapy Diploma in 2009 and is a Member of the Past Life Therapists Association.

She has been studying past life regression for some time. Having taken the course it has given her a greater understanding of how people can be affected by their past lives.

For Brenda it all started after having a far-memory experience while watching a TV drama based on the life of the Elizabethan poet and playwright William Shakespeare called “Will Shakespeare”.

She has lectured and given talks and demonstrations on:

Reiki and energy healing;

the effects of past lives; and


Brenda has run a successful Spiritual Development Circle and many of her members have given demonstrations of clairvoyance publicly. The Circle is there to help those who are interested in pursuing a spiritual pathway and to develop their spiritual potential.

Brenda qualified in 2006 as a Reiki practitioner in the Usui system of natural healing. Then went on to gain her Reiki Master-Teacher Degree in 2008.

Brenda has a warm, kind and sincere nature, which allows her to empathise with those clients who come to her for past life issues as well as Reiki healing.